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Then, start inviting him out more often. He may have trouble taking initiative, so it helps if you are willing to suggest things and make plans. Say things like "Would you like to go out for dinner tomorrow night? Just like in other couples, it's important to ask for what you want, and to be willing to take steps to make it happen. Not Helpful 3 Helpful All my girlfriend talks about is Doctor Who and Supernatural. Once I told her that I was sick of talking about them and she blew up. What did I do wrong?

She might have thought you were being rude about it. Try apologizing and asking to change the topic in a polite way. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Can someone with Asperger's forgive someone else if they say something they don't like? People with Asperger's are completely capable of forgiveness.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 7. A good way to start conversations is to ask someone about themselves. You can ask about their hobbies, families, friends or other interests. Not Helpful 2 Helpful When the person I'm seeing suddenly goes from fine to withdrawn and cold and doesn't want to see me anymore, what should I do? Try the NVC style to express yourself: For example, "I haven't heard from you in several days. Have I done something that upset you? Try asking about it a little and see if you can get a straight answer.

Study Your Conversational Style

Most autistic people are good at being honest, although they may be hesitant if they think you wouldn't like what they have to say. You may get an answer, or you may not. If not, let it go. Assume that it's some problem related to the other person, and look for someone who is more interested in a date. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6. There is an autistic girl I want to date, I'm trying to impress her, but I don't know how. What should I do? Try to get to know what her special interests are and talk about them with her. Autistic people love talking about their special interests at length.

Don't forget to talk about what you like too, maybe she'll come to like it as well! You should let his parents and family members know immediately so they can get him the help he needs. If that's not possible, you should probably consider ending the relationship to protect yourself.

Dating Tips For Adults With Asperger’s

Not Helpful 8 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips With almost any situation, the key to being with an Aspie is patience, and not getting stressed. Apologising may not come easily to your partner. However, it is important to never doubt your partner because of their Autism and to always be honest with them if they have said something wrong.

Remember that every autistic person is different. Not all of these tips may apply to your partner.

Living With An Asperger's Partner - eBook and Audio Instruction

Schedule changes can surprise and upset Aspies, even if the change is something they might like. Warnings Along those same lines, some are fine with being called an Aspie, and some are not. Don't make fun of them!

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They can't help their differences. Calling them wimps or cowards, even teasingly, can hurt their feelings. Aspies are often bullied, and may not stand up for themselves very well, especially if the bullying is subtle. Be prepared to stand up for your aspie.

Think About What You are Looking For

Try not to take out your bad day on your partner, as autistic people don't deal well with angry loved ones. You may be given a hard time for having an aspie boyfriend or girlfriend, this comes from people who have little or no knowledge of autism or those who are prejudiced against autistic people.

If you move in together, let your aspie organize shelves and drawers. Article Info wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Amber Smith Oct 7, He was feeling very isolated and antisocial.

This site helped me find ways to help him and helped him tell me how to help him. It also cleared up a lot for him about his "disability. It was like the heavens parted and so much of our relationship, the good, the challenges, the communication styles, were clarified.

This website is a great resource, thank you the insight! RT Rachel Thomas Mar 24, I can definitely relate to this and have experienced most, if not all, and will share. SR Saul Rodrguez Jul 30, Now I know how to deal with it. JO John Ong Jun 29, I can relate big time. A sure-fire guide for anyone who's NT neurotypical and wants to date an Aspie!

5 Tips for Loving Someone with Asperger’s Syndrome

M Michelle Sep 27, RK Ron Key May 30, This helped me get and keep a relationship with her. Thank you for writing this! SC Susan Clearman Jun 3, A Anonymous May 23, JT Jo Tobias Nov 11, LJ Lorna Jackson Jul 9, More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. Thanks for letting us know.

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Learn more in our article on myths and facts about Asperger Syndrome. You might think that your partner knows precisely what you need but purposely ignores it or intentionally does something to hurt you. And when you think your partner is cold and mean, you not only get upset and angry, but you also might view all of their actions and intentions negatively, Ariel says. It also might help you come up with creative solutions. You still might disagree with their actions and feel hurt.

Coping With a Partner's Asperger's Syndrome - Autism Center - Everyday Health

But you may better understand your partner and work to move forward. In the first column, describe a behavior or situation that upsets you. In the second column, record your feelings and why you think your partner acts this way. In the third column, try to think of a different explanation for their behavior. Say you were upset recently about how your spouse handled you being sick.

She left food without asking how I felt. Many of us expect our partners to automatically know what we want. Or to know what we want after the many hints we drop. Rather than expecting your partner to naturally know what you want or hinting at it, communicate your needs as specifically and directly as possible.

Can you please do the yard work? To your partner, this might mean weeding. Because you and your partner experience emotions differently, having an emotional connection also can be challenging. Remember that people with AS have a difficult time understanding and identifying emotions, and they may show very little emotion or express inappropriate emotions. You also might miss displays of deep connection from your partner because you express emotions so differently.

Ariel includes the below exercise to help you and your partner articulate how you can improve your emotional connection. Even though being in a relationship with someone with AS may add additional challenges, together, you can absolutely learn to better understand each other and improve your relationship.