Munn's book Suck It, Wonder Woman: In , Munn teamed up with Dosomething. She was a spokesperson for the campaign by filming a PSA regarding the challenge, and sat on the panel of judges that evaluated the entries. Munn helped PETA with a campaign that ultimately freed a sick elephant from a touring circus. In regard to her faith and work in Deliver Us from Evil , Munn has said that "I didn't believe in the supernatural before this movie. Munn is a black belt in taekwondo. In November , Munn accused film director Brett Ratner of repeatedly sexually harassing her over a period of several years.

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Kissing Their Co-Stars Was A Bit More Than These Actors Could Handle

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He just happened to have come down with a nasty cold, and well—even when you are with the love of your life, swapping germs never seems particularly pleasant. So forget trying to get an actress to revel in the snot of a co-star just because the script demands it.

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Nobody wants to hear that their kissing skills are less than ideal. That is sadly exactly what Bradley Cooper experienced—and straight from the mouth of the amazing Jennifer Lawrence herself. It felt more like a deluge of slobber than a soft, loving smooch. Well, maybe Bradley Cooper can do something with that piece of curt of criticism so that he can deliver without the extra spit next time.

Dwayne Johnson, perhaps better known as The Rock, has always been an affable performer. He has never been afraid to take risks and attempt things that less ambitious actors might shy away from without a second thought. Johnson used a clever cat metaphor to describe the experience. Well, at least you have some tangible way to measure your next bad kiss: Bad breath is a pretty common culprit for awful kissing experiences.

It has appeared on this list several times already, and believe us—it will not be going away. That much will be clear when you read what Miles Teller had to put up with on the set of The Spectacular Now.

1. Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants

Apparently, Woodley was on some crazy health kick at the time, and that involved taking some fancy supplements with a very unsavory side effect: For Carey Mulligan, though, she was just so overcome with adoration for Depp that the prospect of delivering a spellbinding kiss startled her. After all, plenty of women would love to just lock gazes with Johnny Depp.

But once Mulligan got on set to shoot the scene for Public Enemies , she was so anxious she could hardly compose herself to get the shot. In fact, the scene was eventually omitted from the film altogether due to the difficulty of obtaining it. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those actors you could never imagine turning down, especially after the passionate performance he gave alongside Kate Winslet in Titanic. Alas, the film that followed the blockbuster might be enough to give you second thoughts. That was certainly the case for Virginie Ledoyen when it came time to shoot the kiss scene in The Beach.

For her, the whole thing was completely empty. She cited no feelings of warmth, no sweep of passion, nothing that would indicate she was kissing the same guy who pulled off the smooth Jack Dawson. If it is any consolation to Leo, she did mention that he was a sweet guy. The Harry Potter films were perhaps some of the most highly anticipated films of all time. Fans could hardly wait to see the vivid universe J. Rowling crafted unfurl on the big screen, again and again. For the most part, the films delivered. It was not that they did not like each other.

In fact, the two had grown only closer over the years—as very close friends. And if we have established anything about kissing friends, even just for the cameras, it gets awkward fast. Emma Watson dreaded the moment so much that she tracked down Grint herself just so they could get the thing out of the way. At least they both had a sense of humor about it. Emma Watson reported that neither of them could contain their childish giggles.

Kirsten Dunst did not exactly revel in the opportunity to kiss Brad Pitt the way most girls her age at the time would have. Kirsten Dunst was 11 during the shooting of Interview with a Vampire. And yet, Dunst found it to be one of the most disgusting moments of her life. According to Dunst, the thought of kissing anyone just did not appeal to her at the time. She was still just a young girl at heart, and the thought made her recoil in horror. Not even the promise of a dreamy Brad Pitt could change that. By , Kirsten Dunst still could not quite get the hang of the whole kissing thing.

On the positive side, the upside down rain kiss was a bad experience for both Dunst and Maguire. Few will ever forget how genuine and poignant that upside down rain kiss truly was. Behind the scenes, it was not so sweet, especially when you consider the logistics behind it all. Kissing in the rain sounds like the ultimate romantic gesture until you realize that if your upside down, the rain is falling straight into your nose.

Maguire stated that the kiss was more like CPR than a kiss. Who knew that all these beloved actors lacked skill in the kissing department? In fact, she was so grossed out by it that she would often leave work feeling nothing short of scarred from the whole experience. Yes, apparently, perfecting the art of the kiss was hard on the set of The Hunger Games.

Liam Hemsworth also had trouble making it work as the stoic, muscly Gale. Jennifer Lawrence did not make it any easier for him. According to Hemsworth, the smell of her breath and taste of her mouth was rarely pleasant when they went in for the big moment. That was because Lawrence always went out of her way to eat something particularly pungent.

On top of that, Hemsworth and Lawrence were pretty close friends. And kissing friends is a recipe for awkwardness, for most people anyway. Many still have trouble separating Vanessa Hudgens from the cheery set of the High School Musical franchise. In Spring Break , Hudgens had to do a lot more than kiss.

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She had to get completely naked in front of a ton of actors. Then she had to get a little too close with her co-star James Franco in a hot tub. The whole thing left Hudgens feeling exposed. She even said that kissing one of her female co-stars would have felt more comfortable than that. This one is a bit different in that it involves a beloved television show rather than a single film. For Alyson Hannigan, it was hard to be television-married to a guy who smoked, especially when that required quite a bit of kissing.

The smoky smell and bitter taste of nicotine were just too much for her handle. She even challenged Segel to quit, and he agreed, usually with money at stake. Nonetheless, it fared pretty decently at the box office. As a result, plenty of people witnessed the kiss Kate Hudson and Dane Cook shared on screen.

It might have looked hot, but Dane Cook claimed later that it was anything but hot. It seems that Kate Hudson was in on the joke. She would go out of her way to make the kiss scene miserable for Cook, usually by eating something particularly strong, like garlic. But they both laughed and had a good time in the end. A lot of these bad kisses are due to terrible breath or just overall tepid chemistry. For Helena Bonham Carter, though, all the breath mints in the world would not have made kissing Woody Allen on the set of Mighty Aphrodit e a pleasurable ordeal.

His personality was just totally off-putting, Carter explained. We can imagine it felt more like a strained treaty between nations than an act of unrelenting love. When it came to shooting Blade Runner , the relationship between Sean Young and Harrison Ford went beyond not wanting to share an intimate moment or two on screen. The two simply were not very fond of each other, and boy did it ever show on set. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte harbored a hate for each other that still has Hollywood chattering from time to time. If you thought Sean Young and Harrison Ford had an uncomfortable experience on set—wait until you read about these two.

Julia Roberts was blunt about how she felt about Nick Nolte; she found him to be disgusting.

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As you can imagine, Nolte was not exactly a Julia Roberts fan himself. The feuding was so bad that they could rarely be on set together. Instead, the very patient and talented production team would use stand-ins to keep their interactions minimal. It happened—but neither party was thrilled about it.

Ah, Fifty Shades of Grey: Well, not to ruin for the latter group, but that kinky romance that is supposed to be established between Anastasia and Christian? There was little actual heart put into it. Then again, judging by the reception the film received, you might have already known that. The truth is, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan dreaded everything about shooting these scenes. For those not too blinded by their fandom-induced excitement, it was pretty easy to see.

Both Johnson and Dornan tried to maintain an illusion of chemistry. Unfortunately, not too many people bought it. Perhaps Jennifer Lawrence is just not meant to shoot the perfect Hollywood kiss. Of course, it has not always been her fault. Sometimes too many factors just work against her.

After all, you try having to get close with a guy whom you know is already in a loving relationship.

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Lawrence has shot her fair share of kissing scenes, but her role in Passengers called for her very first sex scene. Everything about the situation seemed wrong to Jennifer Lawrence, so much so that she came up with her own solution: That worked about as well as one might expect. According to Lawrence, she worked her into a perpetual state of anxiety.

Well, we suppose her heart was in the right place. If you found yourself rooting for Katniss and Peeta as a couple throughout the whole Hunger Games saga, you likely could not wait to see them lock lips on the big screen. Before this big break, Josh Hutcherson had never kissed anyone on screen before. To make matters even more awkward, Jennifer Lawrence could tell.

It was generally unpleasant, with a harsh wetness to it. Okay, we might shatter the illusions of quite a few hopeless romantics with this one. For many, The Notebook is the quintessential date night movie. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those two were far from starry-eyed lovers in real life.

They did not love each other; they pretty much loathed each other. For many, Dirty Dancing delivered in that respect.

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But off-screen, the two clashed whenever they were in close proximity to each other. As Swayze revealed in his autobiography, working with Grey could get pretty unpredictable. Her emotional state was volatile, and he never knew which version of Grey he was going to get that day. Sadly, the film has since faded into obscurity. However, both Fox and Seyfried vividly remember what went into making that scene.

In any case, they pushed through and delivered and are actually quite proud of how it came out in the end.

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This thriller bombed at the box office. Audiences must have picked up on the lack of heat. In fact, Sharon Stone harbored a deep hatred for Baldwin, so much so that she went the extra mile to ensure their romantic scenes were anything but romantic. This involved guzzling with potent mouthwash before shooting. She even gave his tongue a nibble during a kissing scene. Despite its status as a beloved romantic film, these two were far from Romeo and Juliet on set. When it comes to creating chemistry during filming, Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio were the exact opposite. They were more like a very volatile chemical reaction.

Simply put, they just did not mesh personality-wise. And needless to say, it grated on her nerves fast. DiCaprio found Danes to be insufferably pretentious. Most moviegoers would never have suspected that turmoil bubbled behind the scenes. Nothing like faking it to make it in Hollywood, after all. In any case, Natalie Portman approached kissing Ashton Kutcher for the camera with a sense of dread.

To be fair to Kutcher, however, Portman has expressed this sentiment before, making one thing clear: