For the first time in my entire life, I was completely speechless. I had no idea how to reply, so I just got up and walked out of the restaurant without saying a word. We decided to go get dinner, and she was even better in person. When I got home, she texted me saying that I was just going to use her had we had sex, calling me a pig. Her friend went to her house, where Ashley had apparently left her phone, and her car and the front door was wide open.

So I told this mystery person to call the cops. I usually leave my phone in my truck until lunch, so when I went out for lunch at noon, I had new texts and 48 missed calls. So I blocked her number and assumed that was it. She knew where I worked and the rough time I got off work, which is almost an hour and a half from where she lived. She tried following me home. I took a roundabout way of getting home and ran a few red lights but managed to lose her. We had both apparently made fake profiles. I moved his hand away. He put it back on my leg. I moved it away again.

Later on in the movie, he put his hand back on my leg but his fingers moved to my inner thigh. We're doing the lab, and start flirting. Which then ate a hole through the crotch of his pants This story is bordering on bullshit territory for me. You're saying you worked with acid strong enough to eat through trousers in your freshman year? Where the fuck would you need that for in a freshman biology class.

When I was 19 I had a crush on this girl I worked with. We had a ton of fun together there. The day I finally got the balls to ask her out I found out she had gone on a date with the supervisor's son. She raved so much about how much she liked him that I chickened out. Fast forward 4 years we end up working at the same hospital. Shes engaged to a different fella, I'm in a committed relationship with my now wife. We had lunch together and she asks me why I never asked her out.

I tell her my story and she says "I would have left him at any point to go out with you". Turns out she was never that happy with him and just made nice to get along at work but would have sacrificed that for me. I've never been one to take a chance until that conversation. Made me realize sometimes you have to ball up and take a chance. Honestly I think you did the right thing. It isn't right to try to break people up.

Thats not how it works. I crushed on straight girls really hard through out high school. The cringiest was probably during my sophomore year. That year, I sat with this one girl at lunch everyday, and she would always spend the majority of lunch talking about her college age boyfriend. I knew that I had no shot, but I just really loved being around her. Texted a crush at 2 in the morning and asked if I could come over. I took my grandmas car didn't have a drivers license and to her house 2 hours away. Sat outside her place for a while before making the long drive home. Still makes me shiver with embarrassment.

When I was about 10, I told my mom about this boy I had a crush on at church. My mom thought it was sooo cute, she went and told HIS mom about it His mom's response was, "Tell her to get in line". Couldn't even look at him after that. Probably will get buried but In 6th grade I had a crush on the prettiest girl in school. We were actually pretty good friends but I had a huge crush on her.

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Well her birthday came around and I thought it to be a good idea to get her something. Go home, wrap it all up in a gift bad and then next day wake up suuuuuuper nervous to give her this gift but I was sure after I gave it to her that we would fall in love and get married. Walk into school later that morning and meet her at her locker to give her the present. Give it to her, get a hug, which made it all worth it and continue on with my day. Well later on I get home and my mom asks how it went. I tell her great and she asked how she liked the gift, which I didn't know because I wasn't there when she opened it.

Well this is when my world exploded. My mom then asked me "do you think she'll like the candy? Not even all different types of candy, just opened one of those giant bags of Jelly Beans and poured into the bag. I wanted to die.

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The next day I was so embarrassed and nervous to see my crush, but when I saw her she just thanked me and said she loved everything. Fast forward to high school and I'm still good friends with this girl and that day gets brought up. Turns out she thought the Jelly Beans was the weirdest thing she ever saw and all my fears were confirmed. Well I was able to explained what happened and that my mom had done that and we laughed about it and she just made fun of me about it for a while.

Sometimes I still cringe when I think about it. Wish I was still close with her, she's still beautiful and even went on to become a cheerleader for an NFL team. So basically I gave an NFL cheerleader the weirdest gift she ever gotten and she made fun of me about it behind my back for years, and then to my face for a couple more years. Sorry for the wall of text. There was this very cute girl in my younger brother's year that would always come over and play at our house with his group of friends.

I never noticed at the time and barely remembered her coming over as I was busy with my own things. Even so, I also figured girls just didn't have crushes on me because I'd never found evidence to the contrary. Lo and behold a few months ago she confessed to a friend that she only came over to see me and that she had a huge crush on me. My friend told me and I looked her up on FB and she's turned into a very cute and well-adjusted girl. Not even sure if I should mention I know that she used to like me now.

I had this crush on a Korean Girl all through high school, and looking back I can see why. She was a cute girl back then. After High school, I ended up working with her cousin, and ended up "Dating" her. I put dating in quotes because No actual dates happened. After a month of nothing for the most part, I found some other girl to get together with and called her to break up.

Oh boy was that the start of the shit storm. The Korean Girl ended up showing up outside my house while I was at work. She knew I was at work. It was even odder because she didn't go anywhere without an escort before then due to having seizures. My younger sister, at the time, was dating this body builder They were making out in the driveway when he spotted her and was like "Who is that?

My younger sister got out of his truck and went and cussed her out for watching them. Girl had gone off her rocker and my sister knew of the situation of me breaking it off with her. Let's just say, my younger sister at the time could be a real bitch. She kicked the girl off the property and threatened her life if she ever saw her again. I got home late that night and heard about the whole thing. I never heard from the Ex girlfriend again, and ended up breaking things off with the new girl less than a week later. I really liked this one guy in year 5 and as you do i shared this info with my 'close' friends.

The next day one of my 'friends' goes and asks this boy out and they're offically dating and i walk away crying, this person loves to cause ALOT of drama and shit between people. To this day i strongly believe she didnt even like the guy and just wanted to get at me. Asked a girl to a dance, said her dad didn't want her in a relationship yet, then went out with someone the next week.

On Valentine's Day I baked some super sized chocolate muffins for my high school crush. Because I shared several classes with him I thought I had several opportunities to work up the nerve to talk him. I got to the first class we shared early, hoping I could pass him the tin before anyone else saw. Well, when he didn't show up I assumed he was sick. To save face I passed out the muffins to all of my friends. At the end of the day, I walked into my last class and there he was! He turns to me and asks "where's my muffin?

Gosh, I liked this guy in high school so much. I've never liked someone so intensely. We used to talk on the phone at night. I was naive and new to these things, so the calls meant a lot to me. We even had little pet names fore each other at one point. We talked on and off, but my feelings were the same. Eventually, I told him that I loved him. And later, after I had told him, I found out he had a girlfriend. And I was hurt and angry. I liked him so intensely that I didn't see that he didn't see me that way.

I had a crush on a guy one grade above me. I wrote him a note, about what I don't fucking know, and specified very clearly that I was not in any way interested in him. Then I left it in his spelling book. From that point on I was creepy-stalker girl. Worst part was, he was friends with the kid who lived next door, so he was always around my house and I would even more creepily make up reasons to be out in the front of my house, where I would be doing stuff but obviously not watching him.

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There was clearly never a reason for me to be out in front of my house. Well in th grade I had a very awkward crush on this girl. She was pleasant, smart, and cute. But I moved schools and that was that. Turns out that her parents bought a cabin on an island my grandma also has a cabin on this is Washington State so it's not that uncommon so I see her in passing from time to time. So, Emma, if your out their, D4 is where I'm at. Pretty sure Sansa Stark would have the worst teenage crush story out of any other fictional character. My best friend from childhood.

I didn't realize I had feelings for him until around 10th grade. I was dating someone else at the time when I realized my true feelings for him, and decided to just tell him and go from there. Turns out he was interested in another girl and therefore rejected my feelings.

We didn't talk for over a year. When we picked up where we left off, we talked about the situation and decided that we weren't going to jeopardize an 18 year friendship by dating each other and possibly breaking up. Friendship is still strong, going on 22 years. He showed no sign of interest beyond saying "hi" when we crossed paths but I ambushed him after one of the plays and told him I liked him. He looked surprised and said "You're a cool friend! I cringe at the memory. In general, teen crushes are kind of stupid and blown way out of proportion.

In 8th grade, I had this all consuming crush on a guy in my science class. He was pretty popular, but didn't run with one set group. Meanwhile, I was at the epicenter of the anime club crowd, and very much obsessed with Lord of the Rings and similar high fantasy. Anyways, despite our middle school social class differences, this guy and I had a good rapport going in 5th period science every day. He'd ask me for a pencil every day in class, and I ended up just keeping a bunch in my backpack just for him.

We grew to be pretty good friends, at least in my mind. Somewhere in this time, he was elected school president.

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I begged my parents to get our family seats at the game. They obliged, and by some miracle, our seats were right below his family's. Anyways, as we were all waiting for the game to begin, people were tossing around beach balls in the stands. I could see my crush yearning to catch the ball, so I reasoned that if I caught it and tossed it to him, this would result in his declaration of undying love. I began watching the nearest beach ball, half hoping that I had some sort of latent telepathy or something, since that was the only way my nerdy, uncoordinated self was ever going to catch the damn ball.

Lo and behold, the beach ball drew near! I saw it flying closer, closer, and then it was right over me. Instantly forgetting my lack of athletic talent, I leapt up, arms outstretched like some olympian The ball soared right over my head just as I reached the apex of my jump. And then I began to fall. What I hadn't realized was that I had not only jumped up, but I had also jumped out quite a ways. So when I descended, I didn't land back in my row of seats at all. Instead, I landed in the row below me, smack on top of my pervy math teacher and his girlfriend.

This caused quite a stir in the crowd, and of course my crush saw the whole thing. He and his family had a laugh at my expense. It was pretty humiliating. Needless to say, there were no grand declarations of love that evening. Of course, because I'm stupid and can't let go of things, I continued to have a crush on this guy for the next four years. This crush also spawned a lot of angsty poetry and thinly-veiled wish-fulfillment fiction.

Liked an underage girl. I was 17, she was She was absolutely beautiful, tall and mature, and kinda nerdy. When I told 1 of my friends I liked her, it basically spread like wildfire to the point the teachers gave the class a speech about consent and shit, trying hard to not embarrass me. I nearly broke out crying, as I was both a victim and attacker at the same time. It was a massive amount of drama for me, especially since I was a quiet guy who nobody knew, and that would probably be a lingering memory for the people who heard about it.

He put me in the 1 spot on his MySpace top 8. So I did the same: Then my silly teenage hormones got carried away and I started getting clingy and obsessive. One day I signed in and this other girl Natalie was in the number 1 spot and I wasn't even top 8. He stopped returning my texts and fell off the map: I thought it would have been a good idea to screenshot it and send it to her anonymously so she might see it and we can "realize" both of us are "crushing" on each other.

We were 13 Thank God I shut the fuck and never talked about it.. I had a crush on this girl, told her but she didn't feel the same way about me, from then on every time we did anything together she would make sure she didn't do anything to give me the wrong idea. It basically ended up at the point where something good happened and she hugged everyone in the room, but I get a high five.

We weren't friends for long after that. Had a massive, massive gay crush on this girl for about two years. On the last day of high school, I got a bit tipsy and told her over facebook, and When we do hang out, she's flirting with me a lot, even lies down with her head resting on my knee. So that's great, right? Turns out that this girl is an absolute asshole. She's desperate for attention, tells me she has schizophrenia hint: You can just slowly taper off contact. Except this girl is now mega into me and will not leave me alone.

I'm not a complete asshole, so I don't want to just tell her to go away. I must've waited about six months without talking to her before I deleted her on facebook, and I still immediately got this ranting message that started with "WHAT?!?! Holy shit I have too many. These vary some I liked for a long time and some were just lingering interests and happened from There was the Italian exchange student three years ahead of me that I wrote a love letter to, but my parents found and read out loud right in front of the entire family.

There was the guy who I liked and during my embarrassing fumbling around ended up becoming friends with his dad, making him dislike me. There was the guy who actually asked me out, but always made fun of me so I turned him down, thinking it was a prank, but later learned he was serious. There was the guy that everyone liked, and literally the day I admitted he was cute, decided to tell me that I looked like a fat old woman in front of the entire class, making me lose all interest.

Finally, there was the guy who I met during a long car trip to Tampa, but when I got out of the car, my dad showed up and whisked me away before I could get his number. He probably thought I led him on, which made me feel really guilty. Guy followed me around school one day, i was new, no friends. He went out of his way to meet up with me after ALL my classes, and had his friends chat me up in the lunch room. I noticed how hard he was trying to make himself a part of my day, i got a crush on him over night. Next day, he's sitting at a table with friends in the library, say hello when i walk by.

When i look back on it, i can see how i might of embarrassed him in front of his friends by ignoring him. Realistically, i just have extreme social anxiety, never had a bf, and am super socially awkward. I always wonder what might have happened. Told my crush I liked her in my sophomore year of hs. She then got up from the desk she was in and walked away, never heard from her again. Keep in mind we were friends who talked to each other almost every day since middle school. A real self esteem booster Huge crush on girl in 6th grade, valentines day I got plush animals from one of those claw machines, 2 dozen red roses, box of chocolates in a heart shape, various little trinkets together.

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Take it to school, carry it around all day until 6th period we have science together. She starts crying and doesn't say anything for minutes, I get really red, she says no and she doesn't feel the same. I spent so much time crushing on and thinking about people I never talked to, usually boys with terrible haircuts and giant pants think JNCO. Or guys I would exchange like 3 words with and then construct an elaborate fantasy ending in marriage and 2 kids. And then usually his tragic death so I could also marry my other crushes without being a cheating whore.

Had a primary school penpal. Was a girl in my class but we kept it quiet even though people knew about us. Anyway, in 2 years we went on 1 date Oh and then she broke up with me through email and her dad sent me a hand written letter saying he would tell the police I was harassing his daughter when I just wanted a reason.

There was this girl when i was Well call her Lori. She also, like most teenage girls with their friends, acted gay as shit. And i was convinced she was actually gay. No one could act this gay without actually being gay. You have no idea. First and only date. All I wanted to do was see Jurassic World and instead he tried to make me suck his dick in the back of a cave on the beach. Edit to add that it was my first and only date with this particular guy , not my first date ever , which would make it a bit worse overall.

We were watching a movie--well, I was watching a movie and he was just staring at me. I asked him why he was doing that and he said, "I can't stop looking at you cause you're so beautiful" or something in a cheesy voice. There was no third date. Well he invited me to a game, a soccer gameā€¦for his kids, I knew he had kids and did not know I would meet them so soon. His wife was there, didn't know he had a wife. Turns out they are swingers and no one told me. It felt like I was in some sort of terrible porn film.

Anyway he tried to apologize and convince me that I would enjoy my time with the two of them I might have if he had told me ahead of time, they were both attractive. But I ignored all of his phone calls for the next week.

The One Where I Was Hit By A Car

Nope did not want to be part of that mess. My date took me out for "some pizza" which I thought was great, who doesn't like pizza? But here's the issue: There were teenagers in a Mustang yelling stuff at my date. He got out of the truck and kicked their passenger door, leaving a huge dent in their brand new car. He got back in the truck and just drove away like it wasn't a big deal. I had some friends growing up who thought it would be funny to throw a fountain drink at a guy walking along the sidewalk.

So they got in their shitty SUV and drove like 50 miles an hour down the road looking for someone to toss their drink at. After having found their target, they scooted over to the lane closest to the sidewalk and tossed the soda out the window at a random guy. Giggling like assholes they tossed the soda at the man and completely drenched him, the man whips out a pistol and fires at their car. No one was hurt but Lesson learned, they never fucked with anyone like that again. What if that guy had actually hit someone In high school someone threw an entire cheese pizza out the window of their car, nailing me where I was on the sidewalk.

I'd picked up a rock like a minute beforehand because it looked cool, turned and whipped it at the car as it drove away. The rear windshield became a giant spiderweb. Then my friend and I ran for our lives through several backyards, pizza sauce dripping everywhere. It was really uncomfortable,. My boyfriend at the time asked me to come meet his parents, I agreed, because they sounded awesome.

I dressed up nicely, went on an afternoon date with him, then went to meet his parents around dinner time. Walked in the door and they're in their pyjamas. One time my friend went on a date with a drug dealer. He took her to Golden Corral. He had no money so she had to pay. I went on a date with a guy I met online. Thirty minutes into the date I was tired of him talking to me like I was his bro.

He was telling me about his sexcapades and player-type shit. I put my credit card on the table to signal that I was done with him and ready to go. But he kept ordering food and talking, and the waiter never took my card. Three hours later, and me shoving my card closer and closer to him, and saying I'm done over and over, we finally paid and left the restaurant. We walked to our cars and I said goodnight. Then his 6'8" self towered over my 5'6" self and swooped in for a kiss. I dodged a couple feet to my left and that was when it finally hit him that I was in no way into him.

The big awkward kiss fail was loud and clear, but me putting my card on the table and saying I'm done didn't give it away. I was so embarrassed for him. Where to even begin. Date from hell - he was a fucking nightmare that ended the date by trying to "keep me" by driving me back to his mom's place, knowing I wouldn't know what to do I was new to the area. We're drinking 2 Buck Chuck White Zin. And" Merlot" is not a brand, it's a completely different type of wine.

He also didn't have his wallet when the check came, which was weird, because he certainly did when we were carded for the wine. Both got an apology, upon which they promptly insisted that I keep the money, which of course I refused. Overall, awful, but I did get to fire the guy a few months later, and it was fucking sweet. You said there was a sommelier so I'm assuming they have a fairly well developed wine program Whoever curated that list made some serious mistakes.

Had a sort of triple date where my date took so long ordering that I had to make small talk with the waitress--twice. Then he wouldn't talk to me, but would just stare and smile at me if I asked him a question. I ended up in the bathroom crying after he told me that I was a bad dancer and walked away from me twice on the dance floor. They go to black lake to enjoy leisure swim and maybe later have carnal relations on top of woolen blanket.

However, all joy is interrupt by majestic creature that is brown bear. Instead of plan working brown bear continue chase for Dalibor and catch him but only rough him up with warning scratches and did not execute. He eventually have to move in order to start new life free from negative publicity by bear incident. I don't know if it's embarrassing, but a guy at my college asked me to see a movie with him in our dorm, which showed movies in a little theater thing, then intentionally took a long time eating and kept asking me questions so we could skip the start of the movie.

At least, I think it was intentional. Either way, by incredible, unpredictable sheer coincidence, the only option for entertainment left to us was to go back to his room and watch a movie on his computer A guy left me to watch soap operas in a language I didn't understand with his mother and grandmother, he also had to ask me my name when he introduced me to them. In college I went out with a guy who was a theater major. First date he makes me do the "I'm hiding somewhere, find me" thing in a bookshop then ends the date a few hours later saying "I have some productive things I have to do today".

Made me feel kinda shitty. Went out again, we were on the subway and he decides to start singing Broadway songs on a full carriage. I was beyond embarrassed. Went on one date with a pathological liar.

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Said he turned down the olympics for MMA because of school doesn't exist and he wasn't exactly fit.. I ended up paying for the entire meal, and at this point I bought my own movie ticket and just tried to enjoy the movie. Can't wait to leave. He kept asking, "This means you're my girlfriend right? Cried when he saw my hedgehog. He wasn't from england and didn't realise they were real, then my hedgehog comes along to eat and he got so excited he cried and took a million photos.

A different date, we were in a bar where my ex happened to work I didn't know and he goes up to my ex, tells him all these things he wants to do to me, then how he's gonna impregnate me. Ex informed me so I could x out of that situation. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. AskReddit comments other discussions 1. Log in or sign up in seconds. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Filter posts by subject: Please use spoiler tags to hide spoilers.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? I think he just had to poop. Definitely too old to act like that. Was he a literal bear? The steaks were too high. I love steak puns. They're a rare medium well done.

I said I was sorry. The guy runs over and apologizes profusely while his friends were falling down laughing. Ah, he was fun. I completely forgot to mention that he was wearing a fedora. No thank you bye bye. Get a free Pizza. In and out, just like that. It can be a no no there depending.

I mostly know because of business contacts. Anyways, we've been married 2 years now. The waiter got a second date. He then wrote me later that night apologizing for kissing me and walking away. I love that man. Only a year, though. Now we live together and have a cat. I think you met want to slow things down. This could get complicated. She should really stop hanging out with dirty liars. You should have put him in the pool, then taken away the ladder. Maybe it had worked for him in the past We went to lunch at a bar after wards and got along like long lost best friends.

Well, suddenly, my new friend asks, "What is your name again? I have NO idea how that happens, but he truly didn't understand what my name was. We laughed our heads off. Flash forward almost 6 years, we just got married. He wanted Buffalo Wild Wings and made me drive to his side of town. The waitress kept giving me looks of pity, along with everyone with a nearby table. Hella awkward since i love chinese buffets and i get A LOT.

Ny tax is 8. I would never do that, but i bet those kids never yelled at a random stranger again. My date was like 6'6" lbs.