Kissing a girl in your photos is the ultimate-attraction switch-flipper, which will serve to attract more girls to you [online]. The thing is, girls whom you will have messaged online, will inquire as to the girl being kissed in the photo.

How to Use Your Smartphone to Date Beautiful Women

Guys need to understand that any photo which has you in it with a girl or plural , will be your biggest fucking card to play. All in all, the biggest piece of advice you should take away from this article is this: You can have the most iconic portraits since picasso: You still have to get off your proverbial ass and pursue the women you desire. Just as you normally would; inbox the girls you find attractive. Upon seeing your message, she will obviously see your main photo, browse your entire profile out of sheer curiosity , view a few more pictures of you, all the while simultaneously replying to your message s.

Your photo which will accompany your inbox message will be the 1st. You can make this process easier by having the right photo s as your online-dating profile picture. Please also get acquainted with 2 of the most-used concepts in seduction: Socialkenny PUA podcast show episode 9: How pre-selection can get you girls , by Chase Amante.

Online Game: Am I DHV'ing properly?

How to use social proof , by JT Tran. Thanks for stopping by bro! Nice assembly of photos mate. The 1 that connected with me the most that I can easily pull off and already do is the guy who had the paint all over him with the girl. That type a date I always take chics on and never get a complaint and bullshit.

Any pics of doing some sort of activity works; it makes him seem like he has a life and is social. AS far as the body pics, girls laugh at those pics.

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Some Qualifying Routines

Previous 1 2 template Next. I want to get some help from you guys, in terms of DHV'ing online. After getting an online dating profile critique, I'm seeing that I'm missing a huge part in my profile, which is the part about myself. The part where I DHV and distinguish myself from other guys. The problem is, it's hard to DHV online without coming as bragging or qualifying to the girl e. You should like me because I do this and that.

The hard part is that I'm a guy who gets a lot of things done, but I don't really appreciate it or give myself a pat on the back a lot.

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So I made a list of things that make me look high value, stuff I could use in my profile: Hi Ellie, Just wanted to point out that you should definitely trim the draft profile down. But trim it down in a specific way. The whole profile is clearly written from a "guy" perspective. There's way too much use of "I" in there. This is hard to explain- be inclusive more.

MEGA DHV SLOT WIN!!! Kings For The Win at Fruity Slots!

Cut down the shopping list of "experiences," a lot of girls see this kind of thing as "trying too hard" to impress. Develop the "feelings" that you elicit in your life as you live it, and how she will get those feelings with you too remember girls look for feelings, very few of them are out to check off a "To Do list. Hmm, I kind of get what you mean with the feelings part. For example, instead of writing "driving down the mountainous California coast," you would write "The wind in my hair felt good as I was driving down the mountainous coast of California.

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Also past is the brief reign of the digital pocket camera. I use this routine in the comfort-building stage of pickup during isolation. I whip out my iPhone and open the Instagram app. I show her a picture of my friends, tell her who everyone is and say something nice about each one.

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Then I wordlessly transition into a DHV slideshow of my awesome life. I whip to the next photograph and start talking. When selecting photos for your own DHV slideshow, address the major attraction triggers:. A Leader of Men — Show her pictures of you in leadership positions. Let your leadership imagination run wild. Women like knowing other women like you.

How To Use Your Smartphone To Date Beautiful Women - Neil Strauss

Also, please—no slutty or compromising pics. Women value a man who values discretion. A Protector of Loved Ones — To show her you have a heart, include pictures of your family—especially a mom shot!

An Artist — Find a shot that showcases you performing or working on one of your passions.