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This Is Exactly How You Should Handle Political Disputes With Your Partner

The biggest difficulty we have found is not from within the relationship, but unwelcome commentary from others on the outside. The real battleground of this debate lies with the capacity for us to ask whether the political ought to take centre-stage in determining the potential of a relationship, and to what extent should we tolerate such differences if we do choose to date those with whom we disagree.

Generally I find those within my own society who have that capacity to shelve that aspect of their personality — even if only for a short while — are the happier ones. To put it somewhat crudely, they have the ability to relax. Being able to date someone from across the benches is such an example of being emotionally confident enough to address and understand differences in a way that allow you to relax even in the company of those politically opposed to yourself.

In fact, during the General Election this year I found my girlfriend to be a source of great support and effectively an escape.

Between a campaign, placement preparation and exams, our relationship was the most significant part of being able to cope with the pressures. I wonder whether dating a fellow Tory would have allowed me to be able to switch off from it all as effectively as I was able to when I was with her.

1. Don’t abide by stereotypes

Somewhat tellingly during the GE this year I never once received a message or remark of surprise at our relationship despite our different voting intentions, but she did receive such questioning. Indeed, this is evidence of some becoming defined by what they define themselves against. Their identity is political and the political is not only personal for them: Some people call it intolerance.

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I label it an unexpected example of political consistency. Two ideologically opposing parties, what Labour and the Conservatives are intended to be, should not be sitting around having afternoon tea. Dating is all about weeding out the frogs, those you are not compatible with — and my perfect match could never be my political opponent.

I mean the serious stuff.

How To Love Someone With Opposite Political Views

Someone who denies climate change and definitely not someone who sees nothing wrong with rolling out the British red carpet for the bigoted President of the United States. I want us to be individual players on the same team. I want them to be strong in their belief that higher education is a fundamental right, not some sort of Dickensian privilege. I want us to fight together against the underhand dismantling of our public services.

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When arguments get too heated and Maguire is responsible, she takes full ownership for stirring things up. Alicia Chandler , a left-leaning attorney who lives in the greater Detroit, Michigan area, has endured four presidential elections with her conservative, Trump-supporting husband.

Talking about news of the day with your spouse is important, but Chandler stressed the importance of designating times of days where the conversation is politics-free.

This Is Exactly How You Should Handle Political Disputes With Your Partner

Micah Leydorf is a former congressional staffer and a conservative married to a liberal. When the divide between her and her husband seems great, she reminds herself that they ultimately share a common belief system. You have to focus more on living out your core beliefs every day instead of just talking about them. In these hyper-partisan days, most of us consume a media diet that feeds into our preconceived beliefs and biases. Arnold added that being being married to your political opposite compels you to look at your beliefs and sometimes, even question them.

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