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His Name Is Robert Paulson. Whoever comes, whoever it is I'll kill them all. When I was thirty I met a 19 year old and I wanted to date and he did at first then he bailed.

IW, Black , White As a 19 year old male no, perhaps if you were mid-late 20s and you have matured and are dating a women in her 30s then yes as I am it can work but ofc there are hurdles just like any relationship. I would certainly not recommend it for a guy who is 19 though, you're still a kid and will either get eaten alive or hurt in the long run plus you'll hit your gf will be basically 40 and youll see all that young prime poontang you missed out on, not saying you can't put your GF first but it ISN'T easy let me tell you that.

Had a few 30 year old women entertain me in their day. They all magically dropped me and eventually got young guys or guy their age of the same race. This has happened at least 3 times. Everyone is different op and my experiences clearly don't reflect everyone's. Go after them and see what happens.

Once upon a time: I know a woman I dated awhile back when I was 28 in She upped and moved across town to live in his area. She also has a 12 year old son. Shes now 29 and idk if hes still 19 or when they started dating he was The relationship seems very secretive to me, i would think there would be lots of pictures of them together on her instagram but there are very little to none. Originally Posted by Fatkidwholifts. It is very possible. I am a 19 year old male who is happily in a ling term relationship with a 34 year old female.

19 year old dating a 29 year old?

We have been talking about marriage and even kids. This relationship has way more satisfaction in it than the ones I had dating girls my age. If you two love each other and have similar goals in life then I say go for it because you wont regret it. Originally Posted by JoshG Similar Threads 15 Year Old banging 25 year old on Dr. Phil Turns out to be a Miscer!! Why can't some older men date women their age?


As an 18 yr old female miscer anything. By Zedonkgirl in forum Teen Misc. I don't think it makes him a pedo but I don't think a female at 19 is emotionally mature enough to date a man at No big deal if you were in NYC dating a 19yo model. If you can't deal with it, probably not for you.

Kate Upton is like 19 years old. No one would call you creepy if you dated her.

20 year old man dating 29 year old woman ~ Restricted Growth Association UK

It's your life, do what makes you happy. If she's hot then who cares? Technically it doesn't make you a pedophile. But if you're almost 30, how do you not know that? Do you not know the law? Must I tell you the legal drinking age is 21?

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Originally Posted by JordanAndrews. Originally Posted by capitol. Originally Posted by Elained Nothing wrong with it, but My favorite ex dated a year-old for a while, long after we broke up. He was about your age. The second week was still "It's awesome!

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We had sex all over the house! He told me it was over, and I was shocked. When I asked why, his response: