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This reduces the ball effect, and lets you have more direct control over what is happening over the battlefield. The general theory of micro is to keep as many units alive as possible. The openings range from 8 pool, passing through overpool and 10pools to the very late 14 pool.

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You go into a game with a certain game plan in your head, but you must adapt to what your enemy is doing in the game. Never pull your workers away from mining unless not doing so would result in a loss. Remember that you have to lose to get better. Try to also keep in mind that you can burrow. I want to get matched up vs koreans Do koreans want to get matched against you? What do you expect?

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That all of a sudden new people join the game and improve in no time? One on global matchmaking, one on patch 1. Eonzerg has reported to wait 1 hour to play matchmaking. This isn't Blizzard's problem unfortunately. Though I do agree that if people wait for an hour, it might be prudent to voice a desire for change. If you are so good why dont you organize yourself a friendslist that is at your level. Bc it seems your so good that the playerpool with similar skill and reasonable latency is not big enough.

I want to get matched up vs koreans Would be interesting to know what MMR are you're at. Seems pretty bad for higher MMR guys right now. Almost unplayably bad from what I hear from people like Eon. Down around I'm usually waiting between 20s and 90s depending on the day and time.

It's probably even better if you're around middle of the curve which I think is ish. This IS by design though.

Ridiculously long queue time

The dev team specifically posted that they altered the match criteria preferences to favor lower latency and closer MMR. If there is no one there, it will then begin to compromise, either looking towards greater MMR range or worse latency within limitations. If you're waiting 5' for a game, it basically means that there is nobody playing RM that is near your MMR with respectable latency. If you want shorter wait times, your only choices are to accept lower TRs, say 10 or worse, or accept matches with large MMR disparities in order to find a game.

What everyone wants is individual, but the general consensus seemed to be that playing with lower latency and at reasonably close skill level were worth waiting a bit longer for a match.


If you're not getting Korean matches, it because you lag with them. Most people don't want laggy games, hence why you don't play them often. Not much you can do here. The vast majority of the playerbase does not want to play using TRs like 6, 8, or even 10 in most cases. You can say you were often getting TR 16, but that seems unlikely given that it's not giving you many KR matches. There is no geographic matching in the algorithm as far as I know.

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I lpng for old ladder system now because of this. I miss fish ladder..

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