Up until the choices were only black and white. Pressure from basketball teams urged Converse to start producing in other colors and materials, which they did. Converse lost much of its monopoly in the sneaker market in the s. The boom of new athletic shoe competitors such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok took its toll on the company.

Converse found themselves no longer the official shoe of the National Basketball Association. The loss of market share, combined with poor business decisions forced Converse to file for bankruptcy in By the turn of the 21st century, over million pairs have been sold worldwide. Converse has always had a loyal following, not only with basketball players but in popular culture. By November , Converse had disappeared completely from the NBA, as the last dozen players wearing the brand either left the NBA or switched shoes over a period of a year and a half.

Nine switched to Nike: In January , Converse announced plans for a new headquarters building, and moved in April It was constructed near North Station in downtown Boston, on the Lovejoy Wharf , overlooking the Charles River as part of a major site overhaul and restoration of public waterfront access. Under the "CONS" name, Converse launched its skateboarding program in with a team of "ambassadors": In , the company added Jason Jessee and Mike Anderson to its ambassadors team.

Starting in July , Converse sent around cease-and-desist letters to over 30 other companies who they claimed were violating the alleged Chuck Taylor All Star trademark and selling so-called look-alike sneakers.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Cordura vs Original 70s style

In October , Converse filed a lawsuit against 30 companies for allegedly infringing on its generic sneaker style's bumper toe, striped midsole and toe cap. The brand argued that companies were violating an alleged common-law trademark by importing sneakers with similar elements. A number of companies settled with Converse and they were dropped from the list.

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In November , Charles Bullock, chief administrative judge at the International Trade Commission, preliminarily ruled that several brands Converse filed against were violating Converse's outsole design trademarks, i. Judge Bullock further ruled that while Skechers "Twinkle Toes" brands did share similarities to Converse, "Twinkle Toes" were different enough and marketed in a way for it not to be mistaken for Chuck Taylor All-Stars. On June 23, , the anniversary of the death of Chuck Taylor, the International Trade Commission ruled that Converse's alleged trade dress for the midsole design of a combined toe cap, toe bumper, and stripe was not entitled to trademark protection under the common law and found invalid Converse's federal trademark registration.

This case is currently on appeal to the U. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. An oral hearing in that appeal was conducted on February 8, The decision in that appeal is pending.

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In , Converse released "The Weapon" basketball shoe. Manufactured in two color schemes to match the kit colors of basketball teams, it has been available in both high-top and low cut varieties. The unique [ citation needed ] aspect of this shoe is the leather construction throughout, including the inside heel which is also heavily padded for comfort. Three new designs were created for high tops, inspired by The Who. Additionally, Converse have to date made an appearance in over films, appearing in movies such as Back to the Future , I, Robot , Grease and Stand by Me.

David Tennant playing the Tenth Doctor wore a variety of Hi-top Converse on science-fiction show Doctor Who , including red and cream versions. July , Converse teamed up the BT21, a millennial pop character created by South Korean hip-hop group BTS to launch the special collaboration line of Chuck Taylor All-Stars featured the illustrations of BT21 characters, it's currently available limited quantities in Asia starting from July One hundred artists from around the world were chosen to create designs for the collection as part of the RED campaign.

Professional skateboarder, Anthony Pappalardo, who, at the time, was also associated with another RED participant, Girl skateboards—Pappalardo was sponsored by Chocolate skateboards, a brand distributed by the Crailtap , the distribution company that owns both Girl and Chocolate—released a RED edition of his high-selling [32] signature skate shoe model.

I got into woodworking about two years ago, through a buddy of mine who I used to skate with every day—he turned into a woodworker. So he gave me this scrap box of wood, and, basically, I just wanted to do something with it It just definitely started consuming me like skating did. I wanted to read about it, you know? Go on the internet and watch videos about it, and just learn anything and everything I could about woodworking. The first thing I ever made was a bench, and that's, kinda, what I've been making ever since.

Pappalardo's first signature shoe with Converse was released in February and it was produced in the RED colorway.

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In winter of , Converse teamed up with a number of influential figures and taste-makers from the Los Angeles area to create an exclusive collection paying to those who help move the culture forward in the city. Among those selected by the Boston-based footwear brand for this L. Due to Converse withdrawing from performance basketball shoes, [37] there are no professional players or college teams wearing Converse shoes, except on occasion Asi Taulava. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved March 27, The Impact of Globalization on the United States [3 volumes].

Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Retrieved February 17, Jim Labadini helped cook up the Converse 2. The Converse Chevron logo marked the move forward into what would become an exciting time for the brand, thanks to some guys with nicknames like Dr. J, Magic and Legend.